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Credit Collections Bureau:

Credit Collections Bureau was founded in Rapid City, SD on January 1st 1987. Over the past 30 years, CCB has expanded into one of hte largest heatlh-care specialized agencies in teh upper Midwest. With that growth we have opened up an additional four offices that are located in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota that employ over 100 S.M.A.R.T collection professionals. CCB has but one vision: to bring our clients the best service in the collection industry. Please ask us to see our NET back report cards!

Over the years we have had to transform the ways we accomplish this goal due to new laws and regulations. One of these changes had to do with the high self-pay balances in the past couple years. We heard our clients frustrations and opened our first party business office. Our Business Office Support Services (BOSS) takes the knowledge we have gained in third party collections, and helps our clients clear up their self-pay balances in the early stages of the revenue cycle. We do this with your reputation in mind, all while reducing the dollars going to bad debt. We make the calls your staff doesn't have time for!

CCB is an active member in HFMA, MGMA, AHAAM, HBMA, and AHA. As active members we have gotten to know all aspects of hte revenue cycle, and have set up strategic partnerships with some of hte best in the industries. Through our affiliation with Achieve Revenue Cycle Management we are also abel to provide you discounted prices on HIPAA coaches, HIPAA Services, Coding Audits, and Coding Services.


If you would like to learn more about CCB please contact:

John Cozby, Regional Relations Manager


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