Equipment Services

Our Biomedical Equipment Services Team Delivers A Suite of Quality Services. Our biomedical equipment technicians can fulfill your facility’s needs by providing flexible, efficient and effective clinical engineering solutions. Our highly experienced staff are fully qualified and trained to serve you. We provide comprehensive medical equipment inspection; repair and consulting solutions that help you manage costs and keep down time to a minimum.

General Biomedical Equipment Services. Our biomedical equipment technicians will come on site to inspect, maintain, repair and consult on most types of general biomedical equipment. This accessibility translates into quick turnaround for repairs as well as eliminating the time and cost of sending equipment to manufacturers for repair. Facilities also receive site inspection reports necessary to fulfill their state inspection and accreditation needs.

Sterilizer Maintenance Services. Facilities can rely upon Northland for sterilizer maintenance services including documentation, inspections,  preventative maintenance and repair of steam and gas sterilizers, decontamination washers, surgical tables and surgical lights. In addition, consultation to evaluate needs, purchases and assistance for equipment installation is also available.


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