Clinical Services

Health Information Management Services: Northland Healthcare Alliance members benefit from expertise available through Northland Health Information Management (HIM) Services. HIM Services include the following:

  • Assistance with ICD-10
  • Coding Audits (hospital and clinic)
  • HIM consulting services (hospital, clinic, and nursing home)
  • General HIM department and record reviews
  • Policy development
  • HIPAA compliance reviews

Staff and provider education is provided on a variety of subjects such as coding, documentation, compliance issues and HIPAA.

Mobile Imaging Services: Mondak Imaging Services LLC, a partnership between Northland Healthcare Alliance and Montana Health Network, provides magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) services to members in Montana, North Dakota and South Dakota. These mobile MRI units travel to member facilities to provide convenient, high-quality diagnostic imaging. Because services are provided onsite, patients and physicians receive results more quickly. In  addition, facilities benefit by providing another revenue-generating service and offering state-of-the-art technology to patients without having to purchase the equipment. The mobile units are staffed by radiologic technologists who have attained national MRI certification.

Clinic Services: Clinic services focuses on improving health care delivery through primary care clinics. In addition to disease management and quality improvement, clinic redesign workshops are available to our members. Billing support is also available to members.

Clinics are an integral partner for the future of hospitals and long term care facilities. Northland is developing approaches to help connect clinics and hospitals digitally so patient information can flow between each entity.

Telemedicine Services: Northland provides members the opportunity to participate in teleconference call capabilities for one-on-one clinical consults or group meetings of up to 50 locations. Members can take advantage of these services for educational purposes as well as administrative meetings. Telemedicine is the first step of multi-step approach of bringing connective information technology to all member sites. Individuals in your community will appreciate being able to stay in their home town to receive many specialty services. 

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